Invite employees to be HUMAN. A thoughtfully cultivated, safe, and interactive time to connect and learn skills to help navigate their holistic well-being. Human hour will provide an opportunity to gain and enhance understanding of our well-being, increase belonging and connection, and create space to engage learned skills to apply to the 8 pillars of your well-being.

The CDC defines loneliness as feeling alone and disconnected from others which can be shaped by many factors including the workplace. A fast pace, ever growing environment can lend itself to impacting our perceived quality and quantity of social relationships due to deceased opportunities for high quality social connections. As a result, our human experiences can become isolating and difficult to navigate.

The why/background:
Research shows that the workplace is a space that contributes to an individuals’ overall well-being. It can be both a source of disconnection or a means of connecting socially. When social connections are strengthened through structures, environment, policies, and strategies, feelings of value and respect are increased in the workplace, leading to better quality relationships and well-being.

Looking at the brief, I wanted to illustrate the idea that although one might be relegated to a large corporate workspace, the individual is still special and a human with multitudes. The idea of breaking out of the idea of monotony or homogeny to enhance your holistic well-being. And to celebrate your own personal humanity. I did this with the repetition of simple ID cards and then a bunch of bold textures and colors to create dimension on the individual human. I wanted the type to also have some personality while still being clean and gentle.

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