The project I got was called Hero Vs. Villain, and the instructions for it was pretty open ended. I decided to do an innocent-at-first-glance, then you start noticing that there's something wrong with it. The story that I had in my head was two sisters who live a generally normal life are actually two psychopaths with butcher-like tendencies. I wanted to do a piece that was sickly sweet, super cute, but super dark.
Digital Tight Roughs
After the sketches and using a photo reference of the room as a base, I went on to Photoshop and started rendering. I used maybe about one brush for this, went ham on the smoothing and the Paint Bucket tool.
Color Experimentation
The original piece was finished, but it was too dull to really have the sickly sweet, bubblegum concept I was going for. I wanted to stick with this future funky, city pop-like color palette, mainly utilizing pink and blue color overlays. My aim was to still make the girls the first thing you see but have it be more lively and feminine. Ultimately, I settled with the top image, but here are some of my experiments.

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